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Custom communications, loud and clear.

Make your voice heard!

We’re now offering instant availability to a wide selection of voice actors.
Most of our Voice Actors are available right now to record your greetings.

No Contract & No Monthly Fee
The days of expensive long term committed contracts for Message On Hold are long gone. It’s time for instant high value, pay as you go.

We’re an all-services professional telecom audio provider
Over 200 Voice Actors instantly available from all over the world, including UK, USA, Australia & South African English accents. French, Spanish, German & Mandarin native speakers.

Over 300 Royalty Paid tunes on tap.
Never pay PRS/PPL fees again! All the background music supplied with our announcements is fully licensed and does not attract performance fees.

Easy Script Wizards or Full Assistance
We make it easy to compose any announcement.
If you buy the Self Service option, a comprehensive Script Wizard will guide you through your process and you will receive comprehensive updates on the progress.
Otherwise, we can assist you step by step with our expertise and knowledge to achieve – and possibly exceed – your expectations with our Fully Managed service.

Any Audio Format, Any Announcement Type
We can supply you with your messages in any of the most used digital formats: MP3, Wav, Adpcm, CCITT, uLaw, ALaw.
We can supply Automated Attendant, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Answerphone & Night Time Messages.

Our Multi-Lingual Voice Actors can translate text as well as audio.

Tannoy Systems
Create Professional Audio Announcements for your Bar · Restaurant · Warehouse · Reception · Public Places

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We will contact you and arrange the script, recommend the music and voice actor to fulfil your brief.

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