WISP - How it works

Beams of data, super fast and reliable.

Straight to the point

Stuck on last century’s technologies, struggling to keep up?
Not surfing on superfast broadband but wading through treacle?

The Future Can’t Wait. And you should not. So we don’t.

We are delivering high speed internet to areas that no other supplier is planning to, getting there with substantial investments and revolutionary technologies to bridge the gap between you and the fast lane.

But don’t worry, all this doesn’t cost the earth: the devices needed are really affordable and on par with other traditional equipment of the same class.

We can offer you a service tailored exactly to your requirements, with the speed you need and the network equipment to use it at its best. Gigabit devices and appropriate cabling, no bottlenecks or slowdowns.

Our connections are symmetric – it means your upload and download speeds are identical.
We believe that your user created content and fast delivery of your output is equally valuable to you of that important contract you are waiting via email or that online catalogue you are browsing.

All this offered at a price on par with other business grade packages that offer you slower speeds, or a very, very long wait to be available. If you want to know more, click the picture on the right to see a short video.

Convinced? Please go to this page and complete our questionnaire. One of our engineers will be in touch with you to discuss your situation, offer free advice and, if the fit is right, come and see you to take you onto the fast lane.

But be quick. The Future Can’t Wait.