Social Responsibility

Scottish Broadband Telecom is a Limited Company, like some others, but unlike many others is a socially and environmentally responsible business.

Every month we lend around 3% of our net profit to Kiva, a microfinance organization that makes affordable loans to people and communities around the world.

So far we have helped five entrepreneurs in emerging countries achieve their goals, but much more can be done.
Join us and many others, and lend a little as the equivalent of the spare change from your morning lattes for a month.

It is incredible, but the change hidden at the back of our sofa can change a life for the better.

Social responsibility doesn’t stop there: we help abroad, but care for our country too. We do our best to keep Scotland beautiful.

All of our in-house systems are state of the art low-consumption devices that do not require air conditioning or forced ventilation. That saves us money, but is also very good for the planet and the air we breathe.

We host equipment only in data centres with a proven record of sustainability and low environmental impact, and try our hardest to supply our customers with energy efficient devices.

Our logo is green, for many reasons.

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