It's been with us for over 100 years. The desk phone is not going away.

It’s been with us for over a century.
The desk phone is not going away.

Ye Olde Faithful

Almost 140 years old but still going strong, and getting smarter every day.

Futurologists predicted that with the advent of the mobile phone the telephone would disappear from our desks and side tables in a few years.

Well, mobiles have now been around for over 40 years, but the old fashion phone is still going strong.

Sure, it’s hard to find a public phone nowadays, but that time you’re stranded on the Scottish Highlands with no mobile reception, you’ll be relieved and thankful to see the familiar red shape of a phone box.

The practicality of a desk phone is unbeatable. It’s robust and ergonomic, the sound quality is much better (especially on our High Definition VoIP lines!) and there are no batteries that run out!

The advent of VoIP has given a new lease of life to the humble desk phone, now surged to the status of multifunctional communication tool, with bright, colourful and large touchscreen LCD displays to manage all your communications and interact with apps.

Or if you are not into that swiping and tapping, you can enjoy very sophisticated but reliable technology and services at very affordable set-up prices and running costs.

We can get you one or more traditional telephone lines and Next Generation VoIP services. To properly manage your communications we strongly recommend to get a proper PBX (Private Branch eXchange).

If your area is covered by one of our superfast broadband services and you don’t need more than fifteen handsets, your best option is our HV.Select Hosted PBX, a low cost solution with too many qualities to list here.

Anywhere else, we strongly recommend our PhoneBox, the ultimate VoIP Phone System, crammed full of features and functionalities, flexible and powerful.

We have a solution for each and every one of you: our customers range from the sole trader always out and about, to the widest network of corporate offices, through the little shop in town, the most agile small office or a large hospitality sector establishment – we help them all with the best services and equipment to their full satisfaction.

Why don’t you join them? Get in touch, we are ready with all the answers you need.

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