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I already told you about the silly number of chancers trying to get uninvited access to our customers’ VoIP systems, and how uncanny is to see the same IP addresses being banned swiftly from all the systems we monitor, thanks to our intelligent network and a little help from our honeypots.

trollfaceMost of these attempts come from IP addresses owned by small hosting companies, where you can rent your virtual machine for a few quid a year and do whatever you fancy with it. These small, often barely cobbled up rent-a-mob junk yards don’t care one dot about what you do with their rusty metal, anything goes. There is no control on what you can send or receive, what you host, whose data you hold, etcetera.

There are sites where 5kr1p7 k1dd135 upload all the targets they probed for any type of service you can think of, and there are numerous pre-made Virtual Machines that you can load and fire up on your rented piece of rust to poke those targets. If you think of all the effort and CPU cycles wasted to fall into a honeypot, it’s upsetting. And frankly really passé.

It’s not the infancy of VoIP, and we’re now pretty clued up. If you think you have suddenly found an open SIP proxy where you and your pals can dial through wherever you fancy for free, or call your own premium rate number to make a quick buck, I have some news for you.

You are advertising your stupidity to the whole galaxy. There is now much, much more money to be made in overboard, honest, proper VoIP services than in hacking Mom & Pop’s Avaya PBX just installed by a not so clued up sparky.

If you really know your RFC 3261, there’s never been a better moment to wise up and get a job. One word of caution: I will never hire a reformed hacker, phreaker or whatever these losers call themselves today. You need to make it on your own, you are so tainted that nobody would touch you with a 20-foot bargepole.

The fact you haven’t been caught and did not spend some time guest of your government restriction facilities is barely a flaw in the system, you are a criminal. And one that’s not too smart either.

It’s a picture of diminishing returns, like any online casino site. Everybody, its dog, cat, mouse and lice is playing this time wasters’ lottery, where one in a million scoops up some free calls before the poor sod’s hacked account daily spend limit stops everything, and all the others are biting the dust. Give it up, we’ve won.

I hear somebody from the back snark a “Challenge accepted” remark. Well, you can try to break into one of our customers’ systems, and you might succeed. But if you think that makes you better, stronger or smarter of anybody else…

Click to view one of this geniuses at work.


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