Update to Windows 10 now!

Windows 7: End of the line.

Windows 7 End of SupportIt has now hit mainstream news, so you may have heard of this: Windows 7 is at the end of its life.

The operating system that you have been using on your computer for a decade, from now on will not receive security updates against new bugs discovered. What does this means to you?

Well, it’s like not being vaccinated against this year’s strain of flu.
You can risk it, but if it strikes you, you can lose days of work and some money.
If you’re already vulnerable for other problems you have, you can be knocked out for weeks.
The most vulnerable are at serious risk.

The same applies for your computers, and if you use them for your work, all the above applies to your job.

Luckily, the vaccination for your computer is easy and almost free.

If your PC is satisfactorily running Windows 7 today, it can run Windows 10 tomorrow.
Yes, it can. Don’t believe the shops that sell new computers when they say that your PC can’t: they have clearly a vested interest to say that.

We’ve done it over and over. Most of the times, the computer updated to Windows 10 runs even better than it was before, because while we update it we give it all the TLC it may need!

Sure, if it’s already struggling now it might need some help, but it’s something we’ll explain to you when we discuss the upgrade. With much, much less than the cost of a new PC, we can update some cheap components in you 10 year old PC and give it a new lease of life.

Until the end of January you can update your Windows 7 PC to Windows 10, still free of charge from Microsoft, but you need to hurry.



All your programs and files will be there and your username and password will be the same.
No change, except a new, more efficient and safer operating system.

We can take care of this for you for a fixed fee of £50.00 VAT included.
Terms & Conditions and quantity discounts apply, please inquire to know more.

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