Connection Voucher Scheme – End of the line?

Stop_HandAs expected, the funds allocated for the Connection Voucher Scheme have now depleted to a point that the UK Government Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) has suspended all new applications for vouchers across the entire scheme.

All applications put before yesterday have been accepted, and there is some funding left to cover their costs.

At this stage there is no indication if the Scheme will continue with a fresh allocation of funds or if the UK Government will move on to other things.

But if you missed the occasion, don’t worry: we have access to other funding sources to get you connected.

If you are in one of the major Scottish cities, your choice of Superfast Broadband is already good or excellent at a reasonable price point, and for rural areas there are other local and national schemes such as the LEADER LAGs, Digital Scotland, and further Scottish Government funding.

We have the knowledge and expertise to get you connected without bursting your wallet. Get in touch.


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