Heartland FM Advent Calendar 2020

Welcome to the readers of IRIS and the listeners of Heartland FM!

IRIS Magazine

Iris is a digital magazine by Heartland Multimedia, made by the people, for the people, about the people of Highland Perthshire.

One edition every month, jam-packed with information about the area, volunteer groups, local businesses, events and artists.

Features about people and places, peppered with Scottish history, a sprinkling of games to while away the time and plenty of pictures of the splendid sights you can enjoy in the area fill every edition.

All this without cutting a single tree to make paper to print it or burning fuel to deliver it, as it’s all online. Just click on the logo on the left to access the latest digital edition. We at SBT like Digital!

Heartland FM, 97.5 FMHeartland FM is the oldest Community Radio in the UK. It started broadcasting on 23 March 1992 and is quickly approaching its first 30 years of service.

An eclectic mix of 60 years of music from the 1960s to today, often with a distinct Scottish flavour, will be the backdrop of your days.

An award winning station (Silver at the Community Radio Awards 2019) and recently nominated for another award in the 2020 CRA edition, Heartland FM is a real local community radio, connected to the territory and the people of Highland Perthshire.

Not one of your cookie cutter network radios that broadcast from far away, but real local people talking about local people. Click on the logo on the left to listen online!

Rural Highland Perthsire and Broadband.

Yes, we know sometimes is difficult. And frustrating. The beauty of the places in Highland Perthshire attracts you here, then the sting in the tail is a slow broadband.

The big players are not interested in your specific, special situation: they just want to sell, sell, sell and aim for the easy pickings where superfast broadband is just around the corner. You call them, sit in a queue for minutes, speak with an overworked call handler that will tell you “Computer says No”.

Worry not, we have many different solutions to tailor a solution to your problem. Get in touch, we will do everything we can.

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