Wasting time

I already told you about the silly number of chancers trying to get uninvited access to our customers’ VoIP systems, and how uncanny is to see the same IP addresses being banned swiftly from all the systems we monitor, thanks to our intelligent network and a little help from our honeypots.

trollfaceMost of these attempts come from IP addresses owned by small hosting companies, where you can rent your virtual machine for a few quid a year and do whatever you fancy with it. These small, often barely cobbled up rent-a-mob junk yards don’t care one dot about what you do with their rusty metal, anything goes. There is no control on what you can send or receive, what you host, whose data you hold, etcetera.

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Connection Voucher Scheme – End of the line?

Stop_HandAs expected, the funds allocated for the Connection Voucher Scheme have now depleted to a point that the UK Government Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) has suspended all new applications for vouchers across the entire scheme.

All applications put before yesterday have been accepted, and there is some funding left to cover their costs.

At this stage there is no indication if the Scheme will continue with a fresh allocation of funds or if the UK Government will move on to other things.

But if you missed the occasion, don’t worry: we have access to other funding sources to get you connected.

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